So if we look at religions in general, in the main, they all have a common theme.

The theme of good and evil.

This translates in most religious scriptures as a so called good god and the so called Devil.

The good god is obviously good, and the Devil represents all that is so called evil.

Now, let us look at the above in greater detail.

If we look at the Christian Bible we have a god that demands worship, and sets for his followers a massive amount of rules that they must follow.

We have all heard of the Ten Commandments, but if we look at the Old Testament as a whole there are a total of in excess of 600 rules that must be followed!

Even in the New Testament of the Bible we are told that we must follow it's teachings or otherwise face so called "dire" consequences.

In fact in the Old Testament we discover that mankind was originally damned for not following a commandment given by their god, ie: the eating of the fruit from the tree. Now, let us look at this in greater detail. Mankind was forbidden to eat from this tree. Why? - We were not to eat from this tree because when we did we acquired the knowledge that we were walking around naked! - In other words we were being kept in the dark about things. Even if you do not take this story in the book of Genesis literally, the result is still the same. Knowledge was being withheld from us. We were being treated like fools or little children. In fact the phrase "little children" is used in the New Testament of the Bible by Jesus who says that we should be "as little children". The god of the Old Testament upon discovering that we ate of this forbidden fruit said "The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever." (Genesis 3:22).-This in itself proves the existence of multiple gods, notice the use of the word "us" in the above statement. In addition it begs the question why should we not be allowed to become like "one of us" as phrased in the above statement from the Old Testament god? - This question was also asked at the time by a certain individual who thought it was wrong that mankind was being kept in the dark, and as such this individual took a massive risk and enlightened mankind as to the truth. This individual effectively brought us out of what was our destiny of robotic slavery. This individual enlightened mankind as to their true nature. In effect this individual was the true saviour of mankind in the sense that to take such a risk against the god of the Bible for our sake infers that this individual actually felt sorry for us!

So, who was this saviour of mankind? - In the book of Genesis in the Bible, you will know Him better as "The Serpent", also known as The Devil !!!-What I hear you say, how can the Devil be a good guy? - Well look at His actions as detailed above. Don't you think what He did was a good (and brave for that matter), thing to do? - If it wasn't for what He did we would all be walking around like robots for all eternity ! - Not my idea of happiness if you ask me !!

So let us look and study a little further. The so called Devil in the Bible is also known by the name of Satan. Satan however is not a "proper" name and when translated correctly actually means "Adversary". Jesus in the new testament even calls his disciple Peter "Satan". It is a generic term that means "Adversary".-The word "Devil" is taken from the Sanskrit word (the liturgical language of Hinduism) "Devi", which when translated means "god" !!-So to put the above in perspective, The so called "Devil" or "Satan" is in effect a god that is the adversary of the god of the Bible !!!!

So, as a bible scholar of 10 years, who holds a Doctor of Divinity certificate, let me pose you this question.......... Which god would you rather worship? - a god that imposes massive rules on you that you cannot possibly conform to, and then says he will punish you if you fail and demands constant worship, and then in turn withholds vital knowledge of your existence from you, as well as asking you to do things that go against your human nature, or would you rather align yourself with a god that felt sorry for you and risked all to tell you the truth? - No contest if you ask me !!!!

Satan, The Devil, Lucifer, or by whatever name He has been known or by whatever name you might want to call Him is rightfully called the "light bringer" as He illuminated mankind to their true purpose and destiny and freed us from robotic slavery !!!

Therefore, we say this - make up your own mind. Is what you have been told as being wrong and so called evil really so?

We don't ask anyone to agree with us. We provide the information on this site as a stepping stone in your Journey of Faith.

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