Our Ministry was founded by our minister and his wife.

As a ministry we embarked upon a 10 year study of multiple religions, which included not just theory study of the religion in question, but actually "physically living" that religion.

Among the religions, (but not limited to), that were studied were, Christianity (many different sects), Mormonism, Hinduism, Paganism (many different branches), Satanism (Atheistic and Theistic), and Islam (Sunni sect). It is important to say that our studies were never planned. Each time we joined a new Faith it was because we believed that we were guided to do so, and that the current Faith system that we joined at that time would be the last and ultimate one! - In other words we thought that we had finally found the truth!

The adherents (followers) of the above faiths will in many cases, (but not all), strictly state that theirs is the only correct faith and that other faiths are wrong, as it stands to reason that all faiths can't be right! In one sense they are right! - All faiths cannot be totally right, but they can in part, which is what we believe!

Organised mainstream religions have "grown" through time and cultural circumstances. Doctrines have been added by people as time goes on. Anyone who embarks upon an in depth study of religions will be able to tell you this. In reality what we believe is that all Faiths are valid, as ultimately all paths lead to the same source, ie: The Universal Force which is commonly called "God".

Having said all the above, there is one common element that does indeed link all religions, even though that particular religions followers may not want to admit it! - That link is Faith! - Faith is not religion. Religion is a man made word, and in reality a man made practice as well. Faith is not!

History shows us that the earliest civilisations that had Faith did not call their Faith a religion. It had no name or so called denomination. Faith was just that! - Faith! - People believed what they believed and that was that. It may have been slightly different from what their neighbour may have believed, but that didn't matter. Both parties believed and that was all that mattered.

This is therefore the stance that we take, and the basis on which our ministry has been founded.

We believe that everyone should have their own individual right to believe what they want, (providing that it harms no one else), and that diversity in Faith beliefs is essential and was ordained as an integral part of mankind's spiritual development.

This belief is not new. In fact it is much, much older than many of us may think.

We also believe that this is the conclusion that the Knights Templar came to after spending extensive time in the Middle East regions. This will be a matter of much debate for many, but after our research into this topic we believe this to be the case.

Nature has it's own UNIVERSAL LAW, (a Force if you like). Seasons throughout the year occur in time,. The sun and the moon appear at preordained times. Our world has it's own timescale that it conforms to. In other words, our planet has a universal order that it conforms to. It has a universal law that it must follow. How can something this regimented be the result of an accident, ie: "the big bang theory". We believe that it takes more Faith to believe that our world was created from an accident, that it does to believe that this planet came about by the decree of "A Creator". Think about this for a moment!

We (mankind) are part of this law.

Throughout time, people have tried to tap into this law, to connect with it, if you like, whether it be in the form of prayer, or through the practice of what has become known as witchcraft/magic/sorcery etc.

A force exists in all things, (including us), and we as humans can in turn "connect" with this force due to the fact that we are a part of this force.

A need for a "Religion" exists in many of us, and seems to be a perfectly natural desire for a great many people.

Science has studied this aspect of human nature and cannot deny that such a "desire" exists. Some say that it is "ingrained" in our genetics or "Soul". Who knows for sure.

Think about this! - Maybe God (a Force), does indeed exist, and if this is indeed the case then it is up to each and every one of us to chose to follow Him (or Her) or maybe He or She will "choose" us, and guide us to follow Him or Her!

Again this could be classed as "The Force", the force that exists in us to follow a supernatural entity or the force that the supernatural exerts on us to follow them!

Each religion will claim they are right! - In the end nobody can tell you that who or what you want to follow is right or wrong, you have to "feel" yourself that what you believe is right for you.

Many, many people, search the internet daily looking for the "one true Faith" to follow. They look for answers. They look for "the ultimate truth".

The answer to this quest is inside you already! - As said above, you have to "feel" that the faith you follow is the right one for you. That is the "one true Faith". That is the "ultimate truth". - Your truth!

If someone came to us today and said, "Ok, tell me what is your Faith, what do you believe? - Who or what God should I follow?", our answer would be all of what we have said above, but in terms of our personal beliefs I, as the author of this site, can see no reason to follow any faith that you don't really believe in completely. Why would you want to follow another persons set of rules (their faith) if you don't really agree with them all. That makes no sense! - I am very proud to say that I have Faith. - You don't have to follow the mainstream organised version of any religion. Study all Faiths, study their religious books and make up your own mind what Faith means to you!

Don't be afraid to follow someone or something that others consider to be totally wrong. Just because it is wrong for them, doesn't mean it is for you. The majority way of thinking is not necessarily the correct or true way!

Remember - The Truth is not always what you have been brought up to believe. Your truth is not necessarily what the majority tells you it should be. Your Truth is your Truth - find it out for yourself!-

I (the author of this website), have lived and worshipped as a Muslim, as a Mormon, as a Christian, as a Pagan, as a Satanist, as a Hindu, and as a Hare Krishna. I have studied and practiced witchcraft and the occult.

I can truly testify to the fact that prayer does indeed work, no matter what religion (or combination of religions) you chose to align yourself with. 

If you take nothing else away from reading this site, take with you this one thought:

"With Faith you can evolve and grow, but with Religion you are bound to the doctrines of that system forever!"

"Religion restricts, Faith moves".

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